Class Fundraising Project

CGC Eagle  (Nov 2017)

As part of the Alumni Association's Comprehensive Capital Campaign, the Class Gift Committee has elected to support CGC Eagle.  More details on our donation competition to follow.  Meanwhile try to recall your Swab Summer Platoon-mates...and if you have good e-mails for them, have that info at the ready!





Sailing and Seamanship Center at Jacob’s Rock (Jan 2014)

The U.S. Coast Guard Academy and the staff of Jacob’s Rock wish to thank the Class of 1978 for its pledge of support for $35,000 worth of improvements to the facility to enhance the learning experience of all who work and visit in the building. Following a conversation between Brian Swingly and Admiral Castillo we are pleased to present the list of items that will be positively impacted by the funding your class is providing in celebration of your recent reunion. As good stewards of your gift we will make every effort to purchase long-lasting items that will assist our programs for years to come and will create an environment that celebrates the sailing traditions of the Academy, fosters learning and encourages potential cadets to apply for admission.

  • Classroom doors – Two doors, one for each of the classrooms, will be fabricated by a local carpenter out of cherry and will match the building’s existing trophy cases and benches which were recently upgraded due to the generosity of the classes of 1957 and 1982. The large classroom will get a large sliding pocket door that can be either slid into the wall or opened to create a seven foot opening. The smaller classroom will get a small swinging door with class panels.
  • Classroom furniture – Jacobs Rock has two classrooms that are used all year long in a variety of ways. The classrooms house multiple trainings for cadets and officers, primarily for the Swab Summer Sailing and Coastal Sail Training Programs. They also are used as meeting spaces for different groups on campus, venues for retirement parties, reunion gatherings, sailing competitions and debrief locations for the sailing teams. Currently the building has older metal folding chairs which are not appropriate for learning experiences and the events that take place. Durable, versatile, and long lasting desks, tables, and chairs are essential. The new furniture will be able to accommodate any group – large or small – and provide flexibility in use throughout the facility.
  • Main Foyer – New framed photographs, sailing graphics and other materials will be mounted on the walls and a large CGA burgee will be hung from the ceiling to complement the area.Public address system – The PA system at Jacobs Rock allows for announcements to be made throughout the building and surrounding areas. New weatherproof speakers for the exterior of the building and the addition of several interior speakers will make this system state of the art.
  • A/V capabilities – The finishing touch to make the building truly the perfect waterfront classroom environment is the completion of the audio and visual features. We have already purchased large flat screen TVs which are mounted in each classroom. They will be complemented with the ability to connect to any computer or laptop, DVD players, and wireless controls.
  • Building signage – The building currently has no signage labeling the different rooms. Small plaques – similar to what can be found in the Alumni Center – will professionally signify each space in the building. We will also include a prominently placed wall plaque thanking the Class of ’78 for their generous donation.
  • Thank You!

    Class of ’78 Gift Committee
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