Class Fundraising Project

February 2018

As part of the Alumni Association's Comprehensive Capital Campaign, the Class Gift Committee has elected to support CGC Eagle per the below notice.   We would like to meet our commitment of which $160K remains.  To make this a little fun, the Gift Committe announced that a little friendly ocmpetition migh help raise the funds before our 40th Reunion in October.  Per the below note, the challenge is out there for each Swab Summer Platoon to get 100% particiption and also see which one is the winner with the most funds contributed.

So this means as you donate per the below links, send a note to one of the Gift Committee members noting your gift and Swab Summer Platoon number (X-1 - - Z-3).  The other challenge as you recall your platoon classmates, is to get word to those not registered in the class web site so they can contribute as well as then be on distro for the Reunion info.  Try to recall your Swab Summer Platoon-mates...and if you have good e-mails of phone numbers for them, reach out and have them update their profile!  We hope to spark a little Swab Summer platoon competition to meet our goals by the 40th reunion.  


December 2017

For our 40th Reunion Fundraising project, we committed in 2015 as a Class to fund the Barque EAGLE Projects portion of the Alumni Association’s Comprehensive Capital Campaign. As we send this update:

Commitment:  $230,000
Paid from Class Fund:  $70,000
Remaining Funds to be Raised:  $160,000

We have three years to fund the remainder but believe it would be something to celebrate if we could fulfill our pledge no later than our 40th Reunion at Homecoming. So that means raising $80,000 yet this year and again in 2018 prior to September 30th.

More information is available about the BARQUE EAGLE projects. Don’t let the Fully Funded note fool you. That means it is fully funded via pledges, not actual funds raised. Also, please note the thank-you note from CAPT Meilstrup which is directly addressed to our Class!

Secure Online Donations - Please designate your gifts as you wish, of course, but gifts to the 1978 Class Fund will go toward our 40th Reunion Fundraising commitment.

We thought it might be fun to make our 40th Reunion Fundraising into a mildly competitive endeavor.  Therefore, all gifts made will be credited to your Swab Summer Section. See which Platoon is led by each of us at the bottom of this update next to our names. If you have any questions, call one of us.

Thanks to each of you who have donated to the Class of ’78 Gift Fund over the past decades. Every gift counts! We now solicit you for more generous giving which ultimately benefits our beloved Alma Mater. You can help us fulfill our commitment to the Comprehensive Capital Campaign. Thank you very much.

Go ’78

Class of ’78 Gift Committee
Brooke Winter, 480-213-8915, Swab Summer Section X-Ray,  bewinter[at]
Chris Bond, 207-671-9979, Swab Summer Section Yankee,  bond.christopher.a[at]
Joe Castillo, 504-710-9585, Swab Summer Section Whiskey, joseph.pepe.castillo[at]
Kerry Watterson, 440-865-0563, Swab Summer Section Zulu, kwatterson[at]