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04/25/18 07:29 AM #18    

Jack Lapke

Carl,  How could we ever truely forget those useless things they made us remember.  lol

...since the man in command gave abandon at random...


04/25/18 08:01 AM #19    

Carl Priddy

Don't know what I had for breakfast, but I still remember the serial number of my M1, gas operated, clip-fed, air-cooled, semi-automatic shoulder weapon: 7191653061. Sir!

04/25/18 09:04 AM #20    

Jim Hinton

Yeah, they're kind of like 'ear worm' songs.  They keep circling through the synapses despite your best intentions.  She walks sir, she talks sir, she's full of chalk sir.  The lacteal fluid extracted from the female of the bovine species is highly prolific to the enth degree sir!  I must confess that the ability to memorize seemingly totally abstract phrases and concepts has definitely proven beneficial in life.


04/25/18 12:26 PM #21    

Chris Bond

All of you look beautiful, healthy and strong.....thanks so much for posting the pictures!!

03/27/20 02:53 PM #22    


Michael Lucia

Here's Brooke Winter and a couple of slipstick warriors!  Photos from 1974.  Anybody have some others to share?


03/28/20 07:53 AM #23    

Jack Lapke

Wow, the very early khaki days with slide rulers.  My Dad got me a Bomar Brain calculator 4th class year, or was it 3rd class year....

05/03/20 11:10 PM #24    


Michael Lucia

Courtesy of Brooke Winter


07/29/20 08:19 PM #25    


Bryon Ing

Bob Hayden did some recon and now the below vendor will put our class burgee logo on a Yeti cup.

"They turned out great!  Can you pass along to the class?  Jenny charged $30 for the 10 oz lowball tumbler with decal applied.  Very reasonable... just the Yeti goes for $24.  She's local in Severna Park and will apply the decal on a Yeti provided to her for $10."

Whiskey sipping time.

Enjoy ~ Bryon

05/13/21 03:00 AM #26    


Bryon Ing

Greetings all.

April was National Donate Life Month, but for the 107,000 people in the United States waiting for a transplant, every day is the day they pray that someone generously donates the organ that will save their life. Peta Cappello has just received the wonderful news that she has been approved as a candidate for a kidney transplant. All who know Peta know that she loves life. She loves being alive and she loves making other people's lives better. As a 27-year heart and lung transplant recipient, she has never taken for granted a single day of the life that she was gifted. As she has just been placed on the kidney transplant list, it could take up to seven years for her to receive a new organ from a deceased donor. However, that could be speeded up considerably if she were able to receive a kidney from a living donor. In addition, kidneys from living donors have a better success rate after transplantation.

Peta’s husband, Mike (aka: Capt Red Eye), had planned to donate one of his kidneys, but his recent health issues have made that impossible. (read the May/June Bulletin class notes!) Peta is hoping to raise awareness about living donation for people who may desire to help. You don’t have to be a perfect match to help Peta (whose blood type is O+). Johns Hopkins Hospital Comprehensive Transplant Center, where she is registered, has kidney exchange and altruistic donor programs, where multiple people can be helped through living organ donations Peta's health insurance will cover the full medical cost of anyone who donates a kidney to her.

For information about the living donor program visit, and if you are interested in being screened call :The Living Donor Kidney Team’s contact phone number: 410 614-9345 or 1-888-304-5069 to obtain more detailed information about the donation process.

You should let them know you are interested in donating to Peta Cappello.

05/19/21 09:23 PM #27    

Rich Nickle

Congratulations to ENS Brown, Class of 2021.  Good Job, Manson

05/26/21 04:21 PM #28    


Bruce Berwager

Retired in 2019 but I am currently working on a new oil production company start-up.  Moved to north shore of Lake Tahoe 6 months before the Pandemic lockdown.  Enjoying skiing, mountain biking, hiking, fishing, golf, and boating.  If you are ever in the area, please look me up.

12/29/21 01:37 PM #29    


Larry Sandeen

Dear Class,

    Janet just got a call from Andrea Elliott.  George has Covid and is on a ventilator, they need your thoughts and prayers.  I will pass on additional information when I get it.




12/30/21 08:21 AM #30    


Larry Sandeen

Dear Class,  

I received a little more information from Andrea.  

George Elliott has Covid and is on a Ventilator. He is in Sentara General Hospital in Va Beach. Visitation is restricted to family, but your thoughts and prayers will be greatly appreciated!

Larry Sandeen

12/30/21 12:05 PM #31    


Brooke Winter

Thanks for the update, Larry.  We shall be thinking about our Classmate George and wishing him better health!

12/30/21 03:41 PM #32    

Chris Bond

Thanks so much for letting us know Larry.  Please tell Andrea that we are all pulling for George!



12/31/21 12:25 PM #33    

Pat Cunningham

Larry - thanks for letting us know. We will keep George and his family in our prayers. - Pat

01/06/22 02:40 PM #34    

Jack Lapke

This morning George Elliott passed away surrounded by his family in prayer.  A visitation and rosary will be at Altmeyer Maestas Chapel, Virginia Beach on Saturday, January 8th (updated) 9:30 to 11:00.  Rosary will be at 10:30.  The funeral Mass will be held at Saint John's Catholic Church in Front Royal on Monday, January 10th, 1:00 viewing and 2:00 Mass.  Please pass the information on.  

May he rest in Paradise. George converted to Catholism as an adult, was more devout than most, and definitely knew more than I did!

01/07/22 09:29 AM #35    

Bob VanZandt

Oh no, this is awful news, very sad. Thanks for the notice Jack.  I plan to go over to the Virginia Beach chapel tomorrow (Saturday) morning. 

03/09/22 09:12 AM #36    

Clifford Keith Comer

Hi Classmates -  I have a '78 yearbook that I will ship to anyone that may have lost theirs over the years.  Please let me know who's interested.  You can email me directly if your prefer -

03/10/22 12:32 PM #37    

Joseph Castillo

Hi Keith. I'd be happy to take it off your hands. Lost mine in all the moves... Let me know what I owe you for shipping and where to send it. Thanks - hope all is well..Address is Joseph "Pepe" Castillo, 1311 Lake Point Dr, Chesapeake, VA 23320



03/10/22 07:04 PM #38    

Clifford Keith Comer

Joe - great!  I just need your phone number for the FedEx label.  I can ship at a considerable discount - so no worries.  Great connecting with you.

05/11/22 03:16 PM #39    

Doug Connor

Hey Classmates!  It's been a minute since I've been on this site and thought this was a good time to provide an update for those who are curious (for those not curious, feel free to stop reading now) smiley 

I retired from the Coast Guard in 2005 and had a couple of other careers after that and retired from those at the end of last year (2021).  Now in retirement I have started a nonprofit ministry called Lifecycles where we mentor teenage boys by challenging them to participate in endurance bicycling adventures.  I've been working on that since January and we are hosting our first training ride on Saturday, May 21 in St. Tammany Parish - just outside New Orleans.  Below is our latest newsletter that has some more of the particulars.  My website is if you want to check that out.  You can also email me directly if you want more information at  Thanks and blessings to you all.  


06/08/22 07:26 AM #40    


Bill Billings

A short SITREP from Miami.

Here I am with the EAGLE here in Miami, about to attend the reception on board, Saturday 5/21/2022.  Reps from the Mayor's office, schools, several Consults, as well as senior officers from Coast Guard ,  Air Force, Customs/Border Patrol, and Fish and Game were in attendance.  I was asked to be the USCG Foundation rep.

On the prior Thursday, 5/19/2022, I gratefully accepted an invitation thru the Foundation to be on board USCGC EAGLE during the short trip from its anchorage off Miami to its berth in Miami.  To re-live the teamwork and comraderie exhibited by the 1st and 3rd Class Cadets with the Commissioned and Enlisted crew was magical.  EAGLE tied up next to the JUAN SEBASTIAN DE ELCANO of Spain in Miami.  When I showed up the following Monday to watch them off, they reinvited me on board again to motor out to the sea bouy again.  What a week !!

I am still living in Miami, programming for the Univerisity of Miami, Miller School of Medicine (OBGYN).  The IT Department let about 100 of us go in September, 2020 due COVID...last hired-first fired.  However, three months later OB/GYN hired me back due my familiarity with their system (I installed it in 2008).  

Hope all is well,

Bill Billings

78 IS Great !!


02/09/23 07:57 PM #41    

Bob VanZandt

RIP Marty Jackson.  Here we are in happier times on the occasion of my retirement from civil service in January 2017. Shown L-R: Joe Pancotti, Jim Person, me, Marty Jackson, Eric Chapman  

02/10/23 09:28 PM #42    


Larry Sandeen

Here are some Pictures from the past.  This first two are from our 2 weeks at CGAS Mobile, the second is from our two weeks in Luders during a stop at Newport.  The last is of Marty and Kim from our wedding, where Marty was our best man.  It is hard to belleve that he has crossed the bar.  A good friend, we spent much of the 4 years together, taking cycling liberty, in Windjammers and in the Brass Ensemble.  Many times, we biked to the ferry, took the ferry to Orient Point and road the 70 miles to Marty's house in Smithtown on Long Island.   

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