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24 Jun 2017

Gentlemen and significant others - it has been 43 years on this date we entered the Hallowed Hall of Chase Hall.  With an overnight bag in hand, we checked in, were braced up against the bulkhead (I thought it was a wall), marched to the barber shop in our civilian attire, paraded to the issue room, and were taught to make a rack tight enough to bounce a quarter!!  We met our classmates, we met our Cadre, we met our Summer Ensign.  We met our best friend - our M1 rifle, we soon learned that the Head Orderly is not the leader of clean up duties, we began to memorize our Running Light, our summer bible.  We learned our 01 oz tooth brush was as hard to hold up with extended arms as was our 10.5 lb M1~~  We had no clue!!!

Well 43 years later - are we still clueless??  I think not.  We all survived our desitiny...some departing for a non-military education, some endured longer, and some graduated...some stayed a few years, and some stayed too many years.  We learned to look after each other, a we were one - the Class of '78.  Which was re-enforced with daily rounds of 78 push ups!!  But we are all classmates none-the-less.  We are all successful in our own right.  And we still share a comon bond, a fraternal brotherhood whether we stayed a few days or so many years.  So wonder where the fleeting time has gone, but know we are all the Great Class of 1978!!

Go Bears...Bryon
(Save the date for 11-14 Oct 2018 - our 40th Reunion!!)




24 June 2016

On this day in 1974, a short 42 years ago, we joined as a class at USCGA.  Some stayed until graduation, some stayed into the academic years, and some stayed long enough for a classy haircut.  No matter, we were the Great Class of 1978!!  Think about our 40th reunion in Oct 2018.  I know I am as is the Reunion Planning Committee.  Please consider joining the planning or even taking the lead!!  At the very least send me an e-mail with your thoughts on mementos, main 40th memorabilia, overall weeeknd venue, and theme for our class gatherings - welcome, tailgate, Sat eveing dinner, etc.

Your faithful classmate, Bryon


Happy New Year Classmates!!

I am prepping the next classnotes for the Bulletin.  So if you have any news and photos please e-mail to me at

Also please send me a CD with your 35th reunion photos.  Much appreciated.

Since we were in the middle of Marching On, I have provided the words that were read when we were taking the field!!  I believe they reflect our class from whence we came to what we contributed and where we are now.  Our Class Alumni Finance committee recently pledged $35K for Jacob Rock upgrades and repairs.  Your contributions are much appreciated.  Please share with them any suggestions for future projects.

Meanwhile, best wishes to all in this new year...lets get more classmates on this site with updated e-mail/contact info.


March On for Class of 1978:

Just over Thirty-five years ago, the Great Class of 1978 departed from the Academy's hallowed grounds and brought their greatness to the 'Real" Coast Guard.  Although not a favorite year group of the cadet administration, for many reasons that are now emboldened in lore through sea stories told at officer's clubs and various ports of call, the Great Class of 1978 went on to accomplish many noteworthy achievements such as the many commanding officers afloat and ashore, creating influential service policies, acquiring ships - boats - aviation assets - C4ISR systems, leading the Service with seven flag officers, and most importantly leaving a legacy of trained and qualified sailors - officer and enlisted, to carry on with excellence, our proud Coast Guard.  They truly live up to their class call, '78 is Great!!


As long as you are here, take a look at what our classmates have been up to by checking out their profiles or posting comments/pictures to the Message Forum. We plan on keeping this website alive , so consider it the place to go for all things CGA78.

Objee Rocks!